When should I update my Estate Planning documents?

While it is great that you have your estate plan in place, it is important that you review it from time to time to be sure it is up to date and still does what you want it to. An annual review is recommended and at the very least you should review your estate plan every three to five years.  Life events such the birth of a child or grandchild, divorce, inheriting assets, or the death of someone who you’ve named in your documents should trigger you to review and update of your estate plan. Here are some other things to consider:

  • Is the contact information for your agents in your healthcare directive and power of attorney up to date?
  • Have you acquired any new property that you want to gift to a particular person if you were to die?
  • Have you acquired out of state real estate?
  • Did you receive an inheritance that you want to be sure stays in the family?
  • Has a relationship changed with a beneficiary or executor named in your Will or an agent named in your healthcare directive or power of attorney?
  • Is one of your agents or named executors no longer up to the task?

We also suggest that if you do not have the most recent Georgia Advanced Directive for Healthcare that you come in for the updated form. This document was created by the Georgia Legislature to replace the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare back in 2007. It was most recently updated in 2016 and again this year.  If you have a form that was created for you before 2016 or do not have this form at all, it is time for an update.

The same applies for your Power of Attorney which governs who can assist you with financial transactions if you need help or become incapacitated. A new uniform Power of Attorney form was provided by the legislature in July of 2017. The new form includes contact information for your agents. While your old form may still be valid, some financial institutions may no longer recognize it and may not accept it.

Let us help you be sure your estate plan is up to date. Schedule your appointment with a member of the Legacy Studio Estate Law team by calling our practice manager Keelin Roper at 404-838-7790 or you can email her at Keelin@LegacyStudioLaw.com.

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