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How Legacy Studio makes it easy:

  • Our office is easy to find, easy to park.
  • Our Legacy Planning Worksheet helps you get organized and guides you through choices.
  • Our Legacy Probate Checklist covers all the details – large and small.
  • We spot potential problems in your estate and address them efficiently.
  • Your expert-drafted, legally airtight documents protect and promote what is most important to you – your values and objectives.

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Many options for your unique situation.

Estate Planning

From simple to complex - and always including healthcare directives, powers of attorney and instructions for designating beneficiaries on retirement accounts and life insurance.

sincerely simple

Flat-Fee Will Package

A simple flat-fee will package, leaving everything to your spouse/partner or children equally.

  • Couples
    Outright to spouse/partner or children: $999
    Trust for children: $1499
  • Individual
    Outright to children: $799
    Trust for children: $999
  • Includes up to 90 minutes of consultation
  • Documents also cover a catastrophic family accident
  • Offered only when all of your real estate is in Georgia or in a trust, LLC or other entity

Custom Crafted

Complex Will Package

When you need a custom crafted will because your situation is more complex due to unusual assets, family structure and/or family dynamics.

  • From $125/hr (paralegal) to $400/hr (principal attorney)
  • Our Legacy Planning Worksheet helps you gather important info for efficiency
  • Consultation to discuss options to address your specific circumstances
  • Revocable Living Trusts, if necessary
  • Options for blended families
  • When you don’t want to name heirs as beneficiaries

A Lawyer in the family

Ongoing Estate Counsel Program

An option for those who want more than a legal transaction, you want a lawyer you can call like family when estate issues or questions arise. All previous estate planning clients are eligible.

  • $150/quarter for 3-year commitment
  • Free for first year after signing your estate plan and free for clients who name Rebecca as executor or trustee
  • Unlimited phone and email consultations
  • Annual written summary of your plan
  • No charge for changes to your documents
  • Notification of changing laws that impact you
  • Family perks

estate administration & Probate

Step-by-step instructions on navigating probate – and always including practical advice on all the little issues that pop up along the way.

mapped probate package

One-hour Probate Kickoff Consultation for executors and/or beneficiaries.

  • $750
  • One hour consultation with a lawyer
  • Comprehensive Legacy Probate Checklist
  • Prepare petition to probate at meeting
  • Additional guidance on an hourly basis from $125/hr (paralegal) to $400/hr (principal attorney)

guided probate package

Complete flat-fee package of probate services for Georgia uncontested estates.

  • $2500
  • Includes all "Mapped Probate" services, plus:
  • We contact heirs and conduct family meeting
  • Unlimited phone and email consultations
  • We publish notice to debtors and creditors
  • Guidance on payment of debts and transfer of assets
  • Preparation and filing of deeds for Georgia real estate
  • Close estate when administration is complete

Court fees and publication fees not included

fiduciary services

When you need more than legal advice - you need a professional fiduciary to expertly handle your estate as executor and/or trustee.

Leave the details to me

Complete estate or trust administration as the executor or trustee.

  • Fee schedule based on Georgia statutes
  • Family meetings and regular reports
  • Handle everything from heirlooms to real estate
  • Rebecca will keep your team of professional advisors in place

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