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Do I really need a lawyer to create an estate plan?

By Chandler Stutzman / March 12, 2024

Although there are many estate planning resources online which can help you create a Will on your own, these services cannot replace the guidance and expertise of an estate planning attorney. In my experience, one key shortfall of using online services for your estate plan relates to the actual execution of the documents. If you…

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Planning for your pet as part of your estate plan

By Celia "Deanie" Quillian / February 22, 2024

 When thinking about your estate planning, have you planned for your pet(s)? For many of us, our pets are like children, and we want to ensure that they are properly cared for in the event of our unexpected passing. In Georgia, pets are considered personal property so you can give your pet to an individual…

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shiny gold and silver jewelery on white table

Inherited Jewelry you do not want to keep… consider selling it!

By Laurie Busbee / January 4, 2024

As we turn over the calendar to a new year, many of us partake in an end of the year clean out ritual to rid ourselves of the things that no longer serve us. I decided to start my clean out with a box of jewelry I inherited from my mother and grandmother. I personally…

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Why is there a Credit Shelter Trust in my Will and do I still need one?

By legacystudio / October 26, 2023

A credit shelter trust (CST) is a type of trust that is used to protect assets from estate taxes. It is typically used by married couples to ensure that their assets pass to their heirs without being subject to estate taxes. The CST works by transferring assets from the first spouse to the trust, which…

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Advice for Graduates

By legacystudio / June 15, 2023

Is your young adult headed to college in the fall?  Does your long to-do list include estate planning for your high school graduate?  It should!  We are re-publishing this blog post on what you 18-year-old needs to consider.  Call or email us this summer to get them started on the right path. “A client recently…

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Health Care Directives 101

By Chandler Stutzman / March 9, 2023

What is a Health Care Directive? The Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care (“Health Care Directive”) is a legal document that allows you to name someone to act on your behalf in a health care context should you become unable or unwilling to speak for yourself. This person is called your “agent.”  The Health Care…

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By Laurie Busbee / January 5, 2023

Last year we provided some advice for gifting during your lifetime. See this link The numbers have been updated for 2023.  You can now give an individual gift of up to $17,000 a year to as many individuals as you want without having to file a gift tax return. Additionally, each individual’s lifetime gift…

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Navigating the Options for Senior Living

By Rebecca Cummings / November 29, 2022

Legacy Studio was thrilled to have a dessert-n-learn with Jana Eplan, founder of Senior Living Solutions.  Jana is a friend of the firm, and came to educate us about the myriad of options available in Atlanta for senior living.  Finding the right solution can be overwhelming, but Jana and her team can help sort through…

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Should you consider gifting money to family or friends during your lifetime as part of your estate plan?

By Laurie Busbee / October 11, 2022

The IRS has increased the maximum amount we can gift to individual family members and friends tax-free from $15,000 to $16,000 per recipient per year.  This means you can now give an individual gift of up to $16,000 a year to as many individuals as you want without having to file a gift tax return.…

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Insurance and a Personal Representative’s Duty to Protect and Preserve

By Laurie Busbee / October 4, 2022

One of the main facets of your job as an executor or administrator is to protect and preserve the assets of an estate.  When the estate includes property of value, including a house, car, jewelry, art, etc., you should find out how that property is insured and maintain that insurance while that property remains an…

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