What now?

So you’ve binge watched those shows you always heard about but never had time to watch, baked cookies, spent way to much time with your partner/kids/pets, started a puzzle, and rearranged your sock drawer. These are strange days indeed.

One thing you might not have thought of doing with this “extra” time on your hands is writing down all of your important passwords and login information to financial accounts,  email accounts, reward memberships, your cellphone, and countless other bits of information that people close to you will find really helpful one day down the road.

At Legacy Studio we give out these forms to our estate planning clients once they’ve signed their Wills.  We know that everyone needs to share this important information that is only in your head, written on scrapes of paper in your desk, or in the Notes app in your phone. So we’re offering it up to anyone who wants it. Click on our: “I Love You Memo“, fill it out, and share it with family and close friends. Mark it off your to do list and get back to organizing your closet and alphabetizing those two weeks worth of canned goods.