Navigating the Options for Senior Living

Legacy Studio was thrilled to have a dessert-n-learn with Jana Eplan, founder of Senior Living Solutions.  Jana is a friend of the firm, and came to educate us about the myriad of options available in Atlanta for senior living.  Finding the right solution can be overwhelming, but Jana and her team can help sort through the options.  Her company works like a buyer’s agent in real estate transactions: they work with families to find the best living arrangement (providing options and accompanying clients on tours) and once a perfect match is found, they are paid by the housing provider.  That means her services are free to seniors who want help finding the best fit!

Some of the things we learned in our session with Jana were:

  1. Buy-in places are best for those who expect to have a longer time frame to enjoy the activities.
  2. Rental places are best for those who want the flexibility to move, particularly to a place with stepped-up care.
  3. Many people who have memory issues are in assisted living and don’t need full “memory care”.
  4. Often people stay in independent living when they need assistance and bring in their own caretakers or share caretakers with fellow residents, rather than moving to assisted living.
  5. The activities director is key to the quality of life for residents.
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