Do I really need a lawyer to create an estate plan?

Although there are many estate planning resources online which can help you create a Will on your own, these services cannot replace the guidance and expertise of an estate planning attorney. In my experience, one key shortfall of using online services for your estate plan relates to the actual execution of the documents. If you don’t sign your Will properly with the appropriate witnesses in accordance with the formalities required by state law, it is likely going to be invalid. While it may seem elementary, supervising the execution of a Will to confirm that it will be valid is one of the major benefits that an estate planning attorney brings to the table.

Of course, an estate planning attorney should also advise you on the legal and practical advantages and disadvantages of your proposed plan, but ultimately the job is not done until your documents have been properly executed. Reach out to an estate planning attorney if you want the peace of mind that your affairs are truly in order.