Designing a better process

How long have you had your earbuds?  Would you believe that I have had mine for more than 12 years?  They were a big purchase for me back then, but the very unique swiveling design keeps the buds securely in my ear while producing great sound.  I use my earbuds often, so of course I packed them for my recent trip to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with warm and friendly people.  The Danes are proud of their culture, especially Danish design.
One of my first stops was at the Danish Design Museum.  Imagine my surprise to see my earbuds included in the exhibition!

The exhibit’s curator noted that designing is different than styling, which is “the beautification of the surface appearance of objects.”  In contrast, design aims to “improve everyday life by providing innovative solutions for objects, systems and structures.”

I love that definition of design.  I named our enterprise Legacy Studio because we are more than a law firm— we are designers of innovative systems for estate planning and estate administration that improves the lives of everyday people.

We want our clients to be as happy with the design of our service offerings as I have been with my earbuds!

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